The Cast Brass Knots

Designed the packaging for Best Made Company's Cast Brass Knots.
Knots cast in solid brass with a matte black finish.

Catalog 23: The Stuntman

The latest catalog for Best Made Company, which teams up with the filmmakers of Stuntman,
and some of the world’s finest stuntmen and women, to learn the secrets to Hollywood magic. 
Featuring photography by Jason Frank Rothenberg.

The Hardcover Pocket Notebook

Designed a pocket sized notebook for Best Made. Cover wrapped in pearl linen, and features a Best Made ruler on the back. Includes 60 lb. acid-free paper and a 1/2" dot grid.

Catalog 22: The Stuntman

Catalog 22 takes us on an adventure to the West Coast, with some of Hollywood's most skilled stunt artists. 
Featuring photography by Jason Frank Rothenberg.